A situation came up with one of the AIUSA local groups. Over the last 2 days, emails were flying to the group from staff, me and my special group of volunteers. The lack of procedure and out-of-turn got me all upset but when I finally calmed down, I realized it’s just another typical day with AI. Some people like to rant their frustration to everybody. I would rather keep it low. Every organization/business has its long list of problems. Ranting in public would do more harm than good. Especially when a long-time AIUSA volunteer rants on and on at a local group meeting, it really turns people off, I think. I feel bad for those who attend the meeting for the first time. And may be that’s why we have trouble keeping new people in the group.

Those kind of volunteers also often glorify their AI work. That’s not my style. I prefer to stay focused with the work and let it tells people about me. It’s kind of like what I read about Pat Tillman, the guy who walked away from the Arizona Cardinals football team to join the Army Ranger and then got killed in the war. I just finished reading about him in Sports Illustrated today, somebody left the magazine in the lunch room at work. I wouldn’t have gotten attracted to the cover story if I hadn’t watch the feature of Pat in the show “Fearless” on the TV channel formerly known as OLN.

This sentence came from about a third way down the SI story:

“Let people find things out about you,” Pat told B.J. Alford, his roommate and teammate at Arizona State. “Don’t tell them.”

Ditto, that’s exactly how I treat my work on any level, whether professionally or HR. While I can match this part of Pat, I can’t even imagine doing what he did in joining the Ranger. Most people thought he did it for patriotism after 9/11 but they were wrong. This sentence from the SI story tells it all:

The history of man is war, he told a family member, so how, without sampling it, could he ever know man or himself completely?

If I agree with Pat’s view, it should be fair for me to say that the history of man is human rights abuses. But I would never have the guts to “sample it.” May be being a coward would award me a long life to do more work for my fellow human kinds. And may be one day, I would feel like I achieve a tenth of what Pat had done in his life.