During my presentation about Shi Tao, someone asked whether other countries censor the Internet like China. My answer was yes and then a section of Wired magazine came to mind. I looked around the magazine website for the article and couldn’t find it. I finally dug through the old pile of magazines at home and found the September 2005 issue. The section from “START: infoporn” titled “Access Denied! Countries that censor Web content – and what really offends them” was nowhere to be found online. The actual section in print shows a graphical presentation of “how nations control net traffic.” The selected countries on display were Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, China, Bahrain, and Singapore. A lot of attention was placed on blocking porn. If anyone is heading to the library, look for the September 2005 issue of Wired magazine and flip to pages 46-47.

The sources for the article listed were OpenNet Initiative and Reporters Without Borders.