I am really new to the blogging world so discovering WordPress after doing a few blogging basics on LiveJournal is a big step for me. I like my choices of themes around here. A few more customization abilities would be nice but a free blog and zero coding involved is good enough for now.

I also got to explore some serious blogs through WordPress. While I was checking out the Lorelle on WordPress blog, I found out about the Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents from Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The handbook has good info for a beginner like me and the personal accounts of bloggers from a selection of countries are the most interesting read. I was just hoping it would feature the famous Hong Kong blogger when I saw HK listed in the table of contents and I was not disappointed. Glutter earned international fame since it was censored in China and generated a “blackout” of blogs in early 2004. The proud owner was nominated for the Blog awards hosted by RSF and her article, “Born and Banned in China” reads more like an essay. The weird thing is I am about her age and she is like the super star of blogs and I am just a crawling baby. This blogging world is more than fascinating.

On the other hand, Glutter got relocated to the RSF blogging service so I didn’t get to read the old posts on Typepad that got its fame. I hope it would revive those posts and return to its bold design soon.