Once I found out WordPress keeps stats on my blog, I got obsessed by it. It’s rather basic so I started using MapStats through Blog Flux but the site is really slow loading (or not loading at all). I am sticking with it for now because Blog Flux offers a wide range of services such as Pinger which automatically ping a long list of sites for you.

I wasn’t this blog-tech-savvy even just a few days ago because I didn’t know what ping and noob mean but luckily I live with a geek who explains all these terms to me. While I was reading other blogs, I kept seeing the Technorati logo so I visited the site to find out what it is and I immediately wanted to get my blog listed there. That led me to ping and I did it manually last night. The moment I woke up this morning, I wanted to know if my blog got listed on Technorati and luckily I got in.

That’s not all the exploring I did. I saw a few other logos/buttons on some blogs that allow readers to bookmark or add feed. Some blogs have a bunch of buttons to accommodate many services out there. Then I found AddThis which provides a one-button link to multiple bookmarking services or feed readers. It even offers buttons for Podcast or products. After copying the HTML codes from AddThis and then pasting and correcting them in my sidebar widgets, I got those buttons up. I tested them out (sort of, I am not subscribed to any of those services so I just checked out the links) and they are pretty nifty.

Couple days ago, I was looking up info on the blog, Glutter which led me to an article about it on Global Voices. I went back to Global Voices yesterday and found out it’s a multi-user blog with a global perspective. It’s not that everyone can blog on there but instead their blogger-editors capture the most interesting posts around the world and organize them by country/region. It’s really cool. Naturally I checked out the China section and found out about the Best of Blogs awards hosted by Deutsche Welle. There are some gutsy blogs out there for sure. The Best Weblog Chinese award went to The Colourful World – Shuweicao’s Blog whose owner had stomach cancer but she continues to write her food blog after her stomach got removed. Her blog is in Chinese (obviously) but there are enough pictures for the non-Chinese readers to start drooling.

There are certainly tons more out there in the blogging world to adventure but for now, I hope I can manage to keep blogging and pinging along.