The organ transplant discussion is heating back up again after the China Daily article popped up last week. Many more articles mushroomed from there (such as the Los Angeles Times and Associated Press). Amnesty International reported on the allegations of organ harvesting in China for years and few people were paying attention then.

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And then two Canadians, David Matas and David Kilgour released a report about it in July 2006 but with emphasis on Falun Gong practitioners. With the enormous amount of FLG folks around the world, it quickly turned into a fire storm. Many readers, medical experts and the media thought AI confirmed the report but the truth is AI has not yet made any conclusions. And quoting directly from an Urgent Action released in August 2006 by AI, “Amnesty International is investigating these reports, but is currently unable to independently verify these allegations.

So, instead of believing in all there is out there to read about the issue, let’s treat it as something to talk about around the water cooler, shall we? Some interesting reads include:

And things get even more interesting when exhibition of cadavers became the new hits at museums:

Talk about practicing reduce, reuse and recycle, China got the best use out of dead bodies!