The so-called Internet Society of China is talking about setting up a real-name blogger registration system. The ISC Secretary General said, “a real name system will be an unavoidable choice if China wants to standardize and develop its blog industry.” First of all, what is the “blog industry”? Blogging is an act of exercising the right to freedom of expression. It’s not an industry! The culture of blogging is flourishing in China and it does not need “standardize and develop.”

Although it is not yet an official policy, the discussion of such as a system posts a threat to bloggers around the world. If it becomes successful in China, other countries that also censor the internet might follow the foot steps and even use the Chinese system as the basis for their systems. All bloggers should join forces to protest any further discussion of this system in China. You can email the ISC but it’s the least anonymous way to go. So, snail mail to:

Internet Society of China
Tower A East
Tianyin Plaza
No.2-B South Fuxingmen Ave
Beijingshi 100031
People’s Republic of China

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