More than several development came up yesterday. I am going to play catch-up in the next few posts. I selected to post the urgent action for the children of Rebiya Kadeer right away as it is definitely urgent.

The next big news is the outcome of Chen Guangcheng‘s retrial. The blind human rights activist will continue to serve his four-year prison sentence. While Chen’s actual action was advocating for villagers who experienced forced sterilization and abortion, he was accused of attacking local government offices and police cars. Made-up charges like this case are the norm in China and successful appeals are rare. It will be once again up to the rest of the world to raise the case to the Chinese authorities.

Chen is featured in the AIUSA Holiday Card Action this year. The Casework Office is collecting the cards on Chen’s behalf and I am sure they will be forwarded later when Chen’s prison address is confirmed.

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