HURIDOCS, a global capacity-building network of human rights organizations created a new search engine called HuriSearch which is built on cataloging the documents and data from over 3,000 human rights websites. Hopefully, this new search engine would take away the frustrations of human rights activists using the other major internet search engines which often utilize ranking algorithm and relevancy to provide search results in which many are not truly relevant to human rights work. HuriSearch also allows users to search in other languages.

The formal launch date for HuriSearch is scheduled on this year’s Human Rights Day, December 10, 2006. However, it is already up and running so activists can start taking advantage of this new tool. Also happening on that day and the 2 days prior is the Amnesty International’s Global Write-a-thon. An annual event that was started by AI Poland in 2002 is now involving AI sections of over 30 countries, including AIUSA. Two years ago, I organized the Write-a-thon for my local Amnesty group and it was very successful. Although we are not having the Write-a-thon this year, I am providing support for the Holiday Card Action. This coming weekend will sure be a busy one for human rights activists.

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