Chen Guangcheng was interviewed by his lawyer in the detention center where he is being held. During the interview, he said that someone came to the detention center in late July and ordered for Chen to be tortured. The detention center staff did not follow the order. Other officials including the presiding judge of his case from the district level court had implied to him that they were sympathetic to his case but there were “extrajudicial factors” that brought down the verdict.

After experiencing months of house arrest, surveillance, beatings, and harassment by local officials and now being kept behind bars, Chen remains optimistic. From his cell, he told the world:

Don’t worry about me. Think of it as if I have embarked on a long journey. My resolve has not been shaken. I will never give up.

The interview was originally broadcasted on Radio Free Asia – Mandarin service. When I was looking for the broadcast, I located a slideshow of pictures taken last year when Chen was interviewing villagers about their experience in forced sterilization and abortion. One picture showed a woman demonstrating how she was tortured with a chair pushing against her body. While we widely publicized Chen’s efforts to advocate for the villagers, the victims themselves are the true heroes against China’s One Child Policy.

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