Kofi Annan held a final press conference yesterday before officially leaving his position next week. He started his speech with a little humor by saying the press would not let him leave without questioning him one last time. And then he acknowledged the recent announcement of the Spanish Prime Minister about donating $700 million towards the Millennium Development Goals. It’s exciting to hear something so refreshing instead of the White House same old speech of the so-called progress in the war on terror. Speaking of the war, Annan mentioned losing UN staff in Iraq as one of his worst moments in response to a question from the press. He compared that to losing his twin sister who died from an illness in 1991.

I am glad that he mentioned Darfur and pressing for UN presence in the area. Thousands of people die everyday in Darfur but the rest of the world continues to do nothing while nuclear weapons remain the high priority in the bureaucratic dealings of several countries.

All in all, the press individually raised their questions about their countries of concerns and also thanked Annan for his contribution. There was truly a feeling of respect in the room and it’s a nice ending for a man who faced many tough questions from the press for 10 years.

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