AIUSA AGM 2007 logoAmnesty International USA is having its AGM on March 23-25 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year’s theme is “Ordinary People. Extraordinary Change.” The early bird registration discount ends on January 31st. I’ve attended 2 AGM’s so far and it is guaranteed to be awesome. Since not all the info about this year’s AGM is posted online yet (past experience tells me it takes a long time to finalize every bit of details), I will give you a general overview. It starts on a Friday with an all-day Curriculum For Change session as part of the Human Rights Education program, then comes the action in late afternoon which is usually a public event like a rally to publicize an Amnesty campaign, and the night ends with a Welcome Plenary and Reception. Saturday is when all the serious sessions and workshops run through the whole day. You can always expect a wide range of topics to be presented and it’s hard to choose which one to attend. On Sunday, the candidates for the upcoming AIUSA Board of Directors election have an open forum and all the resolutions that have been worked over and over will get their last debate and the final votes. That’s not all. Throughout all three days, the Ideas Fair and Amnesty store are the prime locations for campaign outreach, volunteer recruitment, letter/petition signing, local groups’ fundraising and loading up on Amnesty gears. It’s plenty of fun, hard work and meeting all kinds of people. If you are an activist, regardless of your focus, I highly recommend attending the AGM.