World Economic Forum logoThe World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2007 at Davos, Switzerland has just ended. The event was well attended by country officials, business leaders (including many major US companies’ CEO’s), and NGO’s. The official WEF blog has been updated with postings (in written forms or videos) from various participants. A brief look-around the blog landed me on a posting by Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International written shortly after last year’s WEF reflecting on the various conversations she had with others about the issue of internet censorship in China. The last WEF Annual Meeting was held around the time when Google bowed down to China’s demands and set up a filtered search engine. An interview of Google founder Sergey Brin was taken on location justifying the company’s decision. Fast forward one year, Brin now thought the decision was a bad one and it hurt the company’s reputation in the US and Europe. However, there is no definite promise of a change in company policy. It’s not yet the outcome activists around the world have been working for but at least it’s a step to the right direction. Will we see some definite change by the next WEF Annual Meeting? I surely hope so.

For the latest posts by Irene Khan blogging from Davos, check out the official Amnesty International at Davos blog (By the way, it’s powered by WordPress!).