As described in my earlier post, Amnesty International created a web special marking the 10th anniversary of Gulja massacre in Xinjiang. Its official launch is scheduled for tomorrow but since UK time is ahead of us, we get to see it in the US tonight. It will be available in several languages. As of now, the English and Arabic versions have been activated. Updates will be added to this post.

If you are interested in a local event, check out the Gulja Vigil website which has a list of vigils targeting the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in various countries on next Monday, February 5th. Also, check out this recent article by Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop about Rebiya Kadeer published in the New Statesman in UK.

Update (2-1-2007): The Chinese, Spanish, and French versions of the AI web special are up and running. The must-read is Rebiya Kadeer’s personal account of Gulja after the massacre. Although she did not witness the massacre in person, she talked to about 30 Uighur families in the area a few days after the tragedy. During those days, the authorities were busy rounding up as many Uighurs as possible including those who were not involved in the peaceful demonstration on February 5, 1997. Kadeer was picked up by the police 3 times during her visits. When the police realized that she would not give up, they showed her video footage of the massacre. Her description of the video was horrific. Women and children were killed. Live and dead people were dragged onto trucks. Between the visits with Uighurs families and the short time in the Gulja airport on her way home, Kadeer was strip-searched twice. How humiliating was that for a woman? Not to talk about the complete disrespect to the Muslim culture. Few people paid attention to these terrible events 10 years ago. I hope the rest of the world would not allow it to happen again.