There has been quite a buzz around the group of Tibetans being shot at by Chinese border control troops on September 30, 2006 because the incident was captured on video by Romanian cameraman Sergiu Matei. The video footage was originally made public through Romanian station Pro TV but it’s no longer on its website. Many people transplanted it to YouTube.

Amnesty International posted an Urgent Action in October shortly after the incident. Additional information led to another UA released this week for those who were detained and returned back to Tibet. There is also a web action through AIUSA that provides the option of emails or print a letter to be sent to the Chinese authorities. For those who are concerned about this incident, I hope you would participate in either one of the actions.

More information has surfaced the last few months. The International Campaign for Tibet published several news articles and they will release a detailed report on the incident next Monday February 12th.

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