Chen GuangchengTime magazine is likely to be the first US publication to report on Chen Guangcheng so it is not a surprise that the magazine reporters continue to write about him. The latest article published a few days before Chinese New Year provided an update on Chen’s condition since his prison sentence became official last month and his lawyers’ struggles to help him.

A few days after reading the latest Time article online, I found another article about Chen in an old copy of the magazine left in the lunch room at work. This one touched me more so than many other pieces I read about him. It described the first meetings of Chen with magazine reporter, Hannah Beech in 2005 and his first encounter with the authorities that took place hours about one of those meetings. It is hard to imagine meeting an activist in person and then hearing about his detention afterwards. I hope the magazine would continue to provide updates on Chen and other activists like him.

Amnesty International recently updated its appeal for Chen Guangcheng with specifics on writing letters to the Minister of Justice in Beijing.