Alessandra Gallo JewelleryI’ve been watching the Oscar Academy Awards show for years. My initial interest was in the foreign film category hoping for awards to the Chinese films. But to be honest, I have become hooked onto the glamor side of things these days, who is wearing what, the movie stars, etc. I was watching the pre-award show yesterday and I was glad to catch the moment when Ryan Gosling talked about the special pin he was wearing as part of AIUSA’s campaign to raise awareness for child soldiers and conflict diamonds. As I listened to Gosling mentioned Amnesty International on the red carpet, I suddenly became emotional.

There were a few other similar moments during the award show that touched me, like when special messages about what we can do to preserve the environment were flashing behind the band during Melissa Etheridge‘s performance of the theme song for the film An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio talked on stage about the Oscar going green, and finally, the documentary won the award.

I am sure most of the fancy dresses are a one-time thing so would the actresses donate them for a good cause? If you hear anything related to this question or any other Oscar-linked good causes, drop a comment.

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