I have been looking for pictures of Gao Yaojie while she is visiting in the US this month. I found a few of them but they were either taken too far away or Gao was looking a bit depressed due to the pressure she has been experiencing from the Chinese authorities. During an in-studio interview with Radio Free Asia – Mandarin Service, Gao asked the RFA reporter whether she looked numb when she was on stage receiving the Vital Voices award. It is sad to see a heroine unable to enjoy being acknowledged for her work to save lives.

Senator Hillary Clinton met Gao Yaojie, source: Senator Clinton's official websiteThere is one nice picture I found of Gao’s one-on-one meeting with Senator Hillary Clinton. The picture was hijacked to the front page of the March 20th issue of Southern Metropolis Daily, a newspaper based in Guangdong of China, as reported by the China Media Project.

A nice surprise I found is the Letter to the Editor published in the New York Times on February 22nd. The letter was written by the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC denying Gao Yaojie being placed under house arrest. But the house arrest was criticized in an editorial appeared in the Southern Metropolis Daily on February 26th. Meanwhile, other major newspapers in China reported on the Vital Voices award but mentioned no details of why Gao was awarded. The media in China is often conflicting themselves because most of them impose self-censorship while a few others are trying to report the truth risking great consequences.