A law suit filed in San Francisco against Yahoo! on behalf of Wang Xiaoning who was jailed in China for 10 years due to his online activities was made public recently. Wang’s case was first reported by Human Rights in China almost a year ago. Chinese court document included evidence provided by Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd identifying Wang’s Yahoo! email address and Yahoo! Group in which he distributed his political writings.

Wang’s wife, Yu Ling came to the US over a month ago to look for help filing the law suit. When I first heard about her trip, I was wondering anyone would step up to take it on. Fortunately in the land of law suits, the official filing came in less than two months after Yu’s first step into Washington, DC. Now that the suit is filed, Yu went back to China and she expected the worst because being outspoken never ends well in China.

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Update (4-24-2007): Rebecca MacKinnon’s comments on the law suit in her blog compared the Chinese court document with the court filing in the US. Her other comments raised good arguments towards Yahoo’s response on the case and some great input on how Yahoo should honestly explain the way it treats its users’ privacy.