World Press Freedom Day came and gone a few days ago. Due to the disappearance of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, media attention focused on the safety of journalists. Amnesty International launched a campaign calling for action to protect journalists. Under the state repression section of the AI campaign, Shi Tao was featured with an action of sending letters to Yahoo! co-founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Meanwhile, Freedom House released results from its survey, Freedom of the Press 2007. In the charts and graphs section of the results, China is categorized as “Not Free” and it is ranked at 181 out of 195 countries in global press freedom. Reporters Without Borders recognized the occasion by launching a Chinese version of its website.

Shi Tao, Source: AIAs for the local and student groups of AIUSA, there is a petition drive for Shi Tao. The goal is to collect 5,000 signatures in the month of May. If you are interested in helping out, download the petition (PDF) and outreach to your family, friends, colleagues and also journalists of your local press. By the end of this month, please submit your total count of signatures as a comment to this post.

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