Executive Director of the World Organization for Human Rights USA, Morton Sklar who filed the lawsuit against Yahoo! on behalf of Wang Xiaoning was interviewed on the Human Rights Channel of internet based Etopia News. The interview is hosted by Brightcove, an online video broadcasting service but it contains only audio. The part of the interview I found most interesting is that some Yahoo! shareholders contacted Sklar’s organization since the lawsuit went to press and the potential of these shareholders to bring up the issue at the Yahoo! shareholder meeting this coming June.

AIUSA confronted Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft at those companies’ shareholder meetings last year. At the time, AIUSA appeared to be a lone voice at the meetings. And today, the New York City Pension Fund was the lone voice at the Google shareholder meeting with its proposal for setting up policies that protect freedom of access to the internet in response to internet censorship in many countries around the world. The proposal was quickly voted down. But the New York City Comptroller is not done yet. Similar proposals have been filed for Yahoo! and Microsoft shareholder meetings.

I believe that definite change can happen when more shareholders come together for the cause but it will also take courage to vote opposite the wishes of the company executives to force them to change.

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