Irene Khan at AI Report 2007 launch, source: AIAI releases its annual report around this time every year. The 2007 report came out earlier today. In the past, launch day and the reports themselves did not get much attention. Ever since AI Secretary General Irene Khan called Guantanamo Baythe gulag of our times” in the foreword of the 2005 report, AI has been more heavily criticized when countries are not happy about what AI has to say about them and at the same time, they reference to AI reports to criticize other countries.

Today’s launch did not seem to garner much attention either. However, AI put in extra efforts into the report’s website. It is much more interactive and filled with multimedia. To be honest, as a devoted AI volunteer, I haven’t read most of the AI reports thoroughly although I have copies of them. The internet versions are much more handy when I need to search for certain info. I really appreciate the new report internet interface and I hope it will attract more readers this time around.

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