Today is the birthday of Shi Tao. He turned 39 years old. Coincidentally, the Dui Hua Foundation released today the English translation of a police document that was first exposed on the US-based Chinese-language web site The document shows that the Beijing State Security Bureau stated clearly the basis of their request to Yahoo! for information on Shi Tao’s email account. Yahoo’s claim of “we had no information about the nature of the investigation” no longer holds up.

Gao Qinsheng visited CPJ in New York, source: CPJThis may hurt Yahoo’s chances in the lawsuit against the company filed by the World Organization for Human Rights USA on behalf of jailed Chinese dissident, Wang Xiaoning. Just over a month ago, Shi Tao was added to the lawsuit and his mother Gao Qinsheng visited the US around that time to campaign for Shi Tao’s release and also sign some paperwork for the lawsuit. She and Albert Ho, chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party visited with US Congressman Chris Smith to discuss Smith’s work for the House Bill, “Global Online Freedom Act.” Gao also visited the Committee to Protect Journalists in New York and collected the CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award 2005 for her son.

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