I’ve been super busy the last 2 months working on action materials for the AI’s campaign on the Olympics. All the pieces are still in the works. That part of the project has yet to end and I got myself into producing materials for the AIUSA rally tomorrow at the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. I received instructions and artwork for the Olympic Legacy Dreams action but putting paper into works all by emails and phone was quite involving. I’ve put in so much work but not being physically present at the rally is really hard for me.

Before today, I’ve heard there might be AI rallies happening in other countries tomorrow but initial confirmation is negative. We might be the only gig hosted by AI. I will keep my eye on the news tomorrow.

The rally will be a great follow-up for the AI report released earlier today. The AI’s message is to hold China accountable for its promises of improving human rights when the authorities bid for the Olympics. Although it is a positive approach, the media used some rather negative headlines for the report.

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Update (8-8-2007):

AIUSA rally one year before Beijing Olympics, source: Epoch Times