Ablikim Abdiriyim, source: UHRPAblikim Abdiriyim, one of the sons of former AI prisoner of conscience Rebiya Kadeer, is in very poor condition while he continues to serve his prison term. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison in April 2007 on charges of “instigating and engaging in secessionist activities.” However, AI believes that his confession was extracted under torture. Since he was first detained in June 2006, he was once seen being carried out of a detention center on a stretcher in November 2006. His family was finally allowed to visit him for 15 minutes earlier this month for the first time in a year and a half. He had difficulty recognizing family members during the visit. AI also learned that he had been in a coma twice while imprisoned. The Chinese authorities even suggested his condition could get worse if he continued to refuse to cooperate and “admit his guilt.”

Imprisonment is already hard enough. Why also torture this young man?! I hope he survives this ordeal. Please take action immediately and send good thoughts.

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