Today has been marked for Bloggers Unite for Human Rights. I was super busy with my day job and Amnesty work lately that I haven’t touch this blog for a while. I have ideas running in my head the last few weeks but when it’s time to blog for human rights today, I am drawing a blank, otherwise feeling a bit uneasy with the Sichuan earthquake aftermath. Perhaps a shout out to the lunch panel hosted by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs tomorrow would not be out of line.

The panel titled, “Olympic Mettle: Business, Civil Society, and Politics During the Beijing Games” will have several speakers including Robert Corcoran, General Electric VP of Corporate Citizenship. Since GE is one of the corporate sponsors of the IOC, it would be interesting to hear whether the company has discussed China’s human rights issues with the IOC. From what I heard, some of the corporate sponsors claimed they have done it but they would not go into details on how and what concerns they raised to the IOC.

While looking up for more info on the panel, I found out the Carnegie Council puts out audio recordings of past events. I listened to the panel “Cyberethics: The Emerging Codes of Online Conduct” as a podcast and it’s quite good. I hope tomorrow’s panel won’t take long to get archived.