Circle Up Now & AI's Global Day of Action

The Beijing Olympics is starting in less than a month. Earlier this week, AI issued an open letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao urging him to take steps towards improving human rights. On this Saturday July 12 – one day before the anniversary of Beijing awarded the Olympics in 2001, AI activists in over 25 locations across the world will gather to perform human aerial art that would show messages tied to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. AIUSA’s event will take place on July 11 at 12pm in Washington, DC. Although it is one day earlier than the AI declared Global Day of Action, it appears at the top of list of event location.

Update (7-13-2008): Photos are gradually submitted to Circle Up Now. Several of them are posted on this page. Below is a photo taken in Athens, Greece where it was the archaeological site of Pnyx across from the historical Akropolis. The English words in the photo are “RIGHTS FOR ALL” and the words in the circle are “human rights” in Chinese.

"RIGHTS FOR ALL" - Athens, Greece

"RIGHTS FOR ALL" - Athens, Greece

Update (7-16-2008): Here’s a video created with a series of the photos.