A few hours ago, Zeng Jinyan posted a tweet that said, “The situation is more intense than before the Olympics.” I am guessing this might be due to the Nobel Peace Prize announcement happening this Friday in which Zeng’s husband, human rights activist Hu Jia is rumored to be awarded.  Today, the BBC News reported that self-taught lawyer Gao Zhisheng is also on the hot list for the award.  No wonder some people are getting nervous.

At today’s press conference of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (transcript in Chinese), a reporter asked about the Nobel Prize announcements that began with the Medicine category yesterday without referring to any names of potential prize winners.  The Ministry’s spokesperson responded that some of the judging of the Nobel Prizes violated the original intention of Mr. Alfred Nobel for world peace and the advancement of human kind.

The build up to the Nobel Peace Prize announcement is definitely picking up heat.