The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former president of Finland and peace mediator Martti Ahtisaari yesterday.  I think this is great as he demonstrated how quiet diplomacy can solve conflicts around the world. This news combined with the excitement around Hu Jia, however, got me down a little bit.  I am sure Hu Jia will be given other awards in the near future.

Although Hu Jia didn’t received the Nobel Peace Prize, the authorities did not slow down in disrupting his prison life and his wife Zeng Jinyan.  According to Zeng’s tweets from yesterday, the police surveillance has tightened up around her (perhaps temporary). Earlier today, she tweeted about Hu Jia being relocated from Tianjin to Beijing City Prison. It is unclear whether the rumors surrounding the Nobel Peace Prize brought on this change.  One thing for sure is that this move has shortened the distance for Zeng to visit him but also brought him under the noses of the highest power.

Meanwhile, the reactions to the Nobel Peace Prize announcement within China were mixed.  Some were disappointed while others looked at the prize as another medium utilized by Western countries to slam China. The colored lenses are here to stay for now but hopefully not for long.