A year ago, Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières, RSF) selected March 12 for the Online Free Expression Day. They had a special website for Internet users to join online demonstrations. AIUSA learned about this many months later. This year, it was decided that AIUSA would support this effort. Last week, I assisted in editing the joint letter sent by the organizations to the US companies, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Earlier this week, I reviewed the web feature and online action posted by AIUSA. The time frame was really short but a few dedicated staff made it happen.

On RSF’s end, their output is less elaborate than the online demonstrations. They released a report titled, “Internet Enemies” which consists of summarized descriptions of the top 12 countries that enforce restrictions on the Internet. While the report is not as glamorous, I like this approach more than last year’s. Online animation can be enjoyable for the users but what kind of impact does it have? While the impact of the new report is also hard to measure, I think it helps exposing another layer of secrecy of Internet censorship.