There are many versions of the circumstances that Chen Guangcheng left the US Embassy earlier this week. It is all very confusing. It’s hard to say who got the whole story straight. But clearly, Chen is under a lot of stress and has been traumatized for the last 10 years. As much as he wants to hang on to his principles, his family comes first. We can’t blame him for changing his mind. Ask anyone who has not seen his/her own child for 2 years, the emotion of reunification can overwhelm the manliest man on earth.

Now that Chen has settled down with his immediate family in the hospital (not to say it’s a better situation while he is still isolated from the rest of his family and many friends), he got a chance to reflect on what happened the last few days. I discovered this trail of his thoughts as of Beijing time 10:58pm on May 3 through Nicholas Kristof’s retweet. I tracked down the origin of the Twitpic which was based on this statement in Chinese (click on the image on the right to view in full size) from a phone conversation between Chen and Guo Yushan. Guo was one of many people who assisted Chen’s escape from house arrest.

The English translation is now available in a Google Doc: